82% love it
GayCities Members report that Goodtimes has closed
Liquor bust and a show
A ticket at Goodtimes can get you a night of Vegas drag entertainment and an open bar, which can only lead to good times.


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    • byronlv
      byronlv 6 months ago
      Hates it

      shut down in 2016

    • Black_soul
      Black_soul Over a year ago

      Disrespectful venue
      This has been one of the most disrespectful places I have ever been for a nightclub to be a part of a community that embraces diversity and yet treats anyone who is different as an eyesore. This venue caters to the Latin American which makes a unique venue in Las Vegas which is great but if you are not of Latin American descent don't expect to be treated nicely. Latin Americans are fist in line for drinks all other ethnicities will be waiting. The manager of this establishment has stated that this is not a Latin club but the music they play every weekend is of the Latin American culture and the employees are all Latinos on the weekend which is there busiest time. Due to this clubs lack of direction with their internal debate of either they are going to continuing to cater to the Latin American cutter or become more diverse. the service at this venue has become one sided and blinded to the art of customer service. Latin Americans will be treated like god everyone else we are peasants.

    • fitandsolid
      fitandsolid Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not Great Times
      The now-closed Liberace museum used to be the best reason to visit this strip mall a few miles away from The Strip, even though Goodtimes was open back then as well. Still, particularly on drink specials popular with locals (i.e. Monday nights), this larger-but-still-divey joint packs 'em in. Many give this a try if they're hopping between The Eagle and the bars in the "Fruit Loop", but it's more a curio than a tourist magnet.

    • Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice bar
      Great drinks! Nice patio. Friendly bartenders.

    • easy going neighborhood bar
      Came early Friday slow as expected the crowed was locals with a cheers personality were u are introduce to everybody by friendly bartender

    • Gaytravelers
      Gaytravelers Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not What It Used To Be !
      We have been going to Goodtimesk for years, but sadly it has gone downhill BIG TIME ! Such a shame. They just have not kept up the time times. There are now so many other GREAT bars to go to in Las Vegas. So SKIP Goodtimes.

    • demexla
      demexla Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I dont know why I;m tking the time to write a review on this BAR. When my firnds and I walked in there, the bartenders were very unfrendly, they would take alot of time to help the customer. but the wors was when my four friends and I walked up to the dance floor, they have high stools right next to the dance floor, there was this girl employee that flat out told us that we had to pay $ 20.00 Dllrs to put our drinks on the table, I said are you crazy I was not about to pay twenty Dllrs just to stand next to tha dance floor n set our drinks on the table,,, we sted away about to feet away fron the table and they told us that we needed to mover ever further away fron the stool. they had to call security judt for thar stupidity, the security man was even worst... all my friends walk out of that place,,, BAD NIGHT WAISTE OF TIME.... AVOID IT IF YOU CAN....REMEMBER THIS USED TO BE A STRAIGHT MEN'S SPORTS BAR, NOT VARY FRIENDLY !!!!!!

    • Chargrr
      Chargrr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had a GREAT time at goodtimes
      Located in the famed Liberace plaza off the stip on Trpicana Ave, this is great little place. We were there on a Monday night. For a mere $15.00, you could see a terrific drag show and get a bracelet for a liquor bust (essentially all that you can drink if you are not familiar). The show featured the former entertainers of An Evening at LaCage at the Riviera and was AMAZING! It was definetely the best place that we visited in Vegas. The people were friendly, the entertainment flawless, and the cocktails were generously poured! I would definetely suggest you check it out when you are in Vegas.