QUADZ Las Vegas

95% love it
24/7 video bar
Just off the bustle of the strip, this round-the-clock video and gaming bar offers cocktails, pool, and darts. Locals regular this bar and love it for its no-hassle atmosphere, and recommend going after midnight
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    • austinrbahr
      austinrbahr Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dive bar with rude bartenders. Go literally anywhere else. This place is not worth it unless desperate.

    • Silverback
      Silverback Over a year ago

      Another Fruit Loop bar with no distinct personality
      There's so little special about this bar that I can copy-and-paste most of my review of Freezeone: You won't find anything to be excited about here. Bartenders are skilled and friendly, beer and liquor selection is good. Prices are reasonable, happy hour is a good value. Pleasant enough hangout if you're passing through. Sadly there's no special style, no theme, no unique charisma. Just a nice hole in the wall bar for an assortment of gay men. PLEASE, LAS VEGAS GAY BARS, GET THEMES, GET UNIQUE STYLE, GET DECOR, GET AN IDENTITY, HELL, GET A GIMMICK! Being gay friendly just isn't enough in 2017, gays can go to any damn bar they please so now every bar in town is your competition. With a name like Quadz the staff should be muscular and wearing gogo shorts to show off their well-shaped quads. Seriously, that never dawned on you? Las Vegas, make your gay bars stand out somehow.

    • JhoanOlano
      JhoanOlano Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best gay bar in Vegas
      Quality customer server, amazing drink, fun a lot, good price, for me is the best

    • Minion
      Minion Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A great new bar in Las Vegas
      QUADZ is a fresh addition to the LGBT community in Las Vegas! The layout is clean with lots of seating. They also do Showtunes on various nights which I really get into. They have Touchtunes, pool tables, and dart boards.