Bonnie Screams!


Bonnie Screams haunt opens at 6:30pm.

You can meet us before, for dinner or drinks at the restaurant/bar. The restaurant is located next to the entrance to the ghost town, just take the trail or train from the parking lot, up to the town.

Tickets are $30 (available beforehand through Eventbrite or at the ticket window in the parking lot on the day of).

Ticket will get you into the Bonnie Springs haunted ghost town, with several walk-thrus (3-5 depending on the size of the walk thrus, they change each year) & any shows taking place on that night.

Extra stuff:
Motel is available for those that do not want to drive ($$$$)
Zoo is open during the day ($$)
Additional drinks available in the ghost town at the saloon ($$)
If you don’t want to walk the ‘haunted trail’ you can take the train from the parking lot to the entrance. ($$)
There’s an additional Zombie Paintball shoot ($$).

Bonnie Springs was established in 1843, as a watering stopover for wagon trains going to California. Some guests have witnessed seeing an apparition of a little girl in the schoolhouse, and also witnessed the merry-go-round spinning on its own. In the wax museum, voices can be heard and the wax figures sometimes move on their own (some had to be nailed down because they moved too much). In the opera house, people have witnessed a shadow figure following them around in the room, and a guest took a picture and reportedly captured a black mass standing next to him.
In October, the ranch naturally becomes "Bonnie Screams".

Happy 10 year anniversary to Bonnie Screams!

More info:
  • Bonnie Springs Ranch
    16395 Bonnie Springs Road, Las Vegas
  • Oct 14-15, 2017
  • Event on Facebook


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