Soul State ft. Lonely Boy (Kitsuné, Pink Mammoth) + more!


1 Year Anniversary!

Lonely Boy (Kitsuné, Pink Mammoth)

Funk conductor, eclectic savant, and master of good vibes: this is Lonely Boy. His talents are omnidirectional, spanning a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies, television commercials, bike building, sausage making, ice dancing, and tour gigs on every continent (except Antarctica).

Under his new alias, veteran DJ/Producer Joshua Heath has released a diverse palette of cracking tunes on a wide array of labels including Winding Road, Culprit, Desert Hearts, Future Boogie, Armada Deep, Kitsune and Bunny Tiger.

This lonely robot cares not about what genre is cool, what sub-genre is hip, what sub-sub-genre requires jorts and stashes. Deep, dirty, dreamy or Disco, he is programmed with one objective: to send you to outer space on a rainbow made of Oprah's tears.

Soul State brings together a unique collection of talented DJs that play the best in Music. Experience a vibe like no other in the Valley of Vegas.


- Lonely Boy (Kitsuné, Pink Mammoth)

- Stefan Seay (900 Block, LA)

- Dexter Harlequin vs Paxton Pope (Flash.Gang)

- Josh Walker (Group Hug)

- GMBT (Soul State)



- Jef Logan
- Dee
- Graffiti Genie

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COVER: $10


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