VBRU RR IX: Cloud Nine

May 8th-14th come join us in Vegas for the 9th VBRU. Bet on having a great room and the best pool in Vegas. We’ve arranged a group rate for luxury at the Aria hotel. Seriously, this place even smells divine. From sweets (Jean Philippe Patisserie) to the Spa, you’ll feel the best of what a stay in Vegas has to offer. See the fine art collection located in almost every corner.
Hit the salon and get your nails did. See a show, take a tour, get a facial, live the high life. Treat yourself, you deserve it.
For those that know better: Blackjack, booze, craps, buffets, sky dive, karaoke, Fatburger, bars, zip line, atv’s, hockey, day drinking, motorcycles, dancing, slots, helicopters, poker, coasters, race cars, bands, golf, happy hours, tacos, bottle service and on and on and on. You’ll be a real high roller by the end of the weekend.

Booking details and rates will be found below.

Want to bring friends? No prob, add them to this invite and we’ll add them to the VBRU group after they reply. (That’s where the real fun’s at)
No crazies, please.