Trump International Hotel

100% love it
Vegas grandeur without the smokey casino lobby
Trump international is on par with the rest of the strip in terms of luxury and scale, but doesn't have a casino--a plus or a minus depending on your Vegas mindset.
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    • JimmySF
      JimmySF Over a year ago
      Loves it

      You may get looks from clientle if your gay!
      I really liked the Trump Hotel because it was just a hotel and no casino. Although I do like to sit and play the slots here and there, I don't think my sinuses appreciate the cigarette smoke. Our room was really nice with a view of the strip. All of the staff was super sweet, sometimes as a gay couple you run into some looks or actions by hotel staff but not here, they all were really great. The clientele however may be a different story, but what do you expect - it's Las Vegas. (I just get tired of all these insecure straight men giving us the stink eye or just plain staring. Overall I would def stay there again, but there are so many hotels to try out I would def want to try out others before coming back