The Rocky Horror Picture Show Starring Frankie's Favorite Obsession


Kick off the Halloween season at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring the one and only #1 Record Breaking Las Vegas cast Frankie's Favorite Obsession on Saturday, October 6th at 10 PM!

This is officially a Classic show, but we consider this something of an overture for the upcoming Halloween festivities! So we want a big crowd for this one and to get pumped up and primed for the big Halloween show later in the month!

We're always at Regency Tropicana Cinemas (3330 E. Tropicana Avenue at Pecos), home to the brand-spanking-new HD Digital Projection that you got to see these recent shows, with 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Not since celluloid has Rocky Horror ever looked that beautiful on a movie screen, and it shows why it always belongs in a real movie theater!

Admission is $9 cash at the door, with $1 prop kits on Sale in the lobby. ATMs are available inside, nearby at Putters and across the street at the Bank of America.

Flyers are now available on the website at and please lend a hand and get these flyers out! Every little bit counts!

Don't Dream It...BE IT! See you at The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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