Blue Moon Resort (Closed Permanently)

77% love it
GayCities Members report that Blue Moon Resort has closed
Frisky clothing optional resort
This men only, recently remodeled 45-room hotel is in an old Travelodge but has a steady stream of men enjoying the grotto, the hot tub, the steam room and the gay porn on the cable TV. While it's close to the strip, you'll really need a car to get around.


    • orlandoman
      orlandoman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Disappointing and deceptive
      I've stayed at the blue moon a few times in the past and have accepted the less than "nice" accommodations to be at an all male resort but this last visit was even less. I'd received emails about their 'remodel' which I saw no evidence of. The room I stayed in was exactly like the rooms I had stayed in before. I booked the room based on an email advertisement I received expecting a pay for three get the fourth free. At checkout when asking about the special, I'm told by the secon front desk clerk with an attitude that there is nothing he can do. After I email the manager several times I'm told that that specials can't be applied to existing reservations and that specials are subject to availability and he won't be applying the special even though I'm given no indication that the special is not available. And the resort was not full. I'm told that they can't please everyone. So I guess they don't even try - not even for repeat guests. The property is not clean. The staff is not friendly and the advertising is deceptive. I suggest you book somewhere else!

    • milesh729
      milesh729 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Going Downhill
      Been going to BM for a few years and have always enjoyed the visit. This trip was different. First of all, let me say that the front desk staff were very friendly and accommodating. Good job. Upon arrival, the first thing we were asked to do was sign a paper stating we would not be involved in any inappropriate behavior around the pool or hot tub areas. ( huh ? ). Nice welcome. The room : no smoke detector, toilet constantly running, security slide latch broken, dingy carpet, no hot water one morning. Air conditioner was very loud and only stayed on 6 minutes then shut off for 4 minutes ( all night long ). I know this because it, along with the street / parking lot noise kept me awake most of the night. After settling in, we had to stay in our room for 20 minutes while a film crew was interviewing a female in the hallway. ( found out it was for a cable television soft porn show ). Nice. We asked if we could change our room to the pool side of the hotel as we were overlooking the parking lot and were concerned about the late night parking lot noise. We were told that there were no rooms on the pool side as only rooms that were reserved for that night were cleaned. I guess the others stayed dirty until they were booked. Nice. While lying by the pool, two straight couples arrived. so much for the " gay men's resort ". Remember the female in the hallway ? The film crew was also made up of some females. I sometimes like to stay at an all male establishment when I travel, and when one is advertised as one, I expect it. My partner and I walked into the pool and noticed a grimy gray to black ring around the entire water line. We immediately got out. I hope Blue Moon gets back to the hotel we enjoyed when we first started staying there or is in danger of becoming nothing but a glorified bathhouse.

    • BlueBoy
      BlueBoy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I enjoyed visiting more than staying
      Get a Day Pass during the warmer months and enjoy the pool and eye candy. This is not the Parliament House, or CBC so don't expect that kind of atmosphere if that's what you're looking for... better to stay on the strip otherwise and enjoy Vegas. Rooms are 2 star

    • dodgerdog64
      dodgerdog64 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Terrible service -avoid at all costs
      Really wanted to like this place, but sadly after a few visits will now avoid at all costs. For $500 two-night stay for 3 guests, you can easily spend a couple of nights at a great hotel in Vegas. Or, you can regret a weekend stay at this sad ghost town in a terrible neighborhood, in walking distance to nothing, with a run down and dirty feel to everything and horrifyingly bad desk service. Oh, the ridiculous rates also include a nasty email from the owner if you complain about surprise charges on your bill to his rude

    • gaytito87
      gaytito87 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Potential But...
      So the first time we came to this hotel i was disappointed looking at an old motel looking hotel and felt horrible that I paid so much for a room there. But when I walked in the staff was friendly and the interior decor was welcoming. Then when we walked towards the pool and saw that there was a lot of hot guys we were ok with the hotel. Then we went to our room and loved the bed. There were two big negatives, first the tv was a box and not a good selection of channels but did have some porn. Also no sound on the porn, second the bathroom has no vent. The steam room was ok and the porn room needs some updating. The spa and pool are awesome and the owner is such a good person and I could see he is trying. Another thing would be that we asked for an upgrade which they said they would do if the rooms are available, they did not upgrade because they were full but the place was dead. We asked for another one on the next night and they again made excuses. I understand that that is not garaunteed but dont lie to me. Other than that it was ok. Great potential but needs some work, which i believe it is slowly happening. please update the tvs and bathrooms first.

    • MSandTG
      MSandTG Over a year ago
      Hates it

      It's more about the money
      We stayed there Memorial weekend and had an okay time. Palm Springs it is not. We left on Monday and traffic back to So Cal was so bad that we decided to turn around and stay until late evening or following morning. So we called Blue Moon and said we were coming back and needed another night. We were told they only thing available was a suite. Since we rather spend our money on a gay establishment we were okay with a suite even though we could have stayed anywhere else for half the cost. We got back there and checked back in and then went out for dinner and noticed how empty the place was. We checked online for rooms and everything was available even just the standard room we asked for. When we asked about it we were told to call the owner and explained that there are several rooms available but he just said he would look into it and call us back. We've never heard a word. I find this to be bad business practice and will never stay there again. Besides, like I said, Palm Springs it's not. Looks like the place used to be a TravelLodge or Super 8 motel. There was mold in the bathrooms in both of the rooms, it's right next to the freeway and they're not the friendliest around. So yeah, I have no problem paying more to patronize a gay establishment. But I don't like getting taken advantage of.

    • Blucollarguy
      Blucollarguy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sweet & Sour
      This was not my first visit and I want to preface it by saying the owner John is a warm and gracious host, he has put a lot of effort into his hotel but its showing signs of wear and certain areas could use sprucing up. With the slower economy and competition from Strip hotels that are whoring out their hotel rooms it’s obvious it has hurt his business. And, with the inability to charge higher room rates it‘s harder to pay for these improvements, and I get it. I try to support Gay owned businesses whenever possible, and I don't want to dissuade anyone. Keep in mind everyone’s standards are different and what some of us will accept, others won’t. My observations: Comfortable mattresses and pillows-my mattress felt like a cloud! The linens were nice but not as soft and silky as I remember them during past stays. Pretty quiet except for the morning housekeeping staff talking loudly in the hallways and waking me up at 6::30 otherwise, surprisingly quiet considering it's right behind a major highway, perhaps it’s the new windows! The Rooms are small along the pool and overall, the furniture-mainly the beds are "Far" too big and ill fitted. Much of the furniture seems to be cast-offs from another hotel’s redoes, a bit outdated, worn, and scratched up. I was unable to sit on the edge of my bed without hurting my legs on the frame that wraps around the mattress. The solution would be simple, let the bed stand on a bed frame and get rid of the horrible frame. TV was an old 19" BOX, there was a small fridge and absolutely no outlets to plug my computer and phone into near the desk-huge problem for me. The shade was a room darkening honeycomb type, so it was either open or closed no in-between. Not enough lighting in the room I was in, I'm sure some are fine. Bathroom was adequate but I wore my flip flops because the floor of the tub was dirty and black "absolutely no excuse”. Grouting was dirty, shower curtain stained. Towels were adequate but the face towels were new and not pre-washed and felt rough on the skin-stickers were still on them...I guess they use a service and they must have taken a short-cut. Bath soaps were adequate, and nothing special, not as nice as I remember them in past stays including fanciful extras like hangover pills and such. Vanity lights generated a lot of heat and there was no bathroom fan to vent the steam. Playroom was very sparse, one long high bench which was uncomfortable and thinly padded. 2 small flat TV's which was a poor show; one 60 inch would look amazing or two 40" ones. This room could be made a bit more inviting and interesting. Steam room was just ok; never quite hot enough but clean and well maintained-except for the door that doesn’t close and wastes heat every time it gets stuck. Of the 4 shower heads in the steam area, one was missing a head, one was too low, one had a broken head that was hanging and the other had no water pressure-stuff like this is really easy to fix, why it's not taken care of is beyond my understanding. Breakfast was nice, muffins, bagels juice coffee (but no regular cream, only vanilla, which I hate) no small tables or bar to eat at and no trays to take anything to your room, I imagine you could go poolside in warmer weather… this area could be improved, loved the cereal options. Overall, friendly staff which could use standard uniforms or shirts so they don’t look like guests, a simple logo-polo and khaki’s would be great! And give them a great look. Personally I would not stay there again because I am more particular than the average traveler and I know this; but for many of you who are more forgiving, you might be fine. It’s not like the parliament house in Orlando or a bath-house if that’s what you’re looking for. I would at least get a day-pass to enjoy the pool and activities; it is clothing optional!

    • MikePSculptor
      MikePSculptor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First Time There
      It’s a nice place to say, the rooms were nice and clean and the staff was very nice. It is kind of far from the strip, so it is good to have a car. I was there mid-week and was very cold out, so there was not much going on in the pool area and my date was not interested in using the other facilities that they offer . I would like to visit when the weather is warmer and with fun people.

    • mbarch
      mbarch Over a year ago
      Loves it

      NICE - But needs to be more accommodating to day pass guests
      I stopped by this place for the first time with a day pass over Labor Day weekend just to check it out. It was much nicer than I thought it was going to be after reading several reviews. The building is an older motel building that has been updated nicely. I think the décor was well thought out and is appropriate for the age of the building. The public and pool areas have been nicely upgraded and the staff was very welcoming. + When I arrived, the pool was packed with attractive men. I will be back, but I had 2 complaints – thus the removal of one star. 1. The pool area was so crowded that there wasn’t any place to sit – I just had a day pass. More pool chairs and locker space need to be added. I ended up sitting on the pool deck. 2. I have been to a few other clothing optional resorts before in Palm Springs & Fort Lauderdale. At least 50% of the crowd at any given time would take advantage of the nudity option. Here there were only a couple guys out of about 30 that were tanning all over.

    • darrion2us
      darrion2us Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is so GAY
      Do I need to say more ? Great new stuff all the time. Hot tub,Stream room,Good people that do a great job I LOVE THIS PLACE

    • shvd28
      shvd28 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      gave it a...
      relaxing clothing optional place to stay. enjoyed the stay,will go back

    • hotrobo7
      hotrobo7 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place, visited July 9-10 2011
      Great place to relax, nobody bothers you unless you want to be bothered that is ;). The video room and the large shower area is what enjoyed most , however the nonstop porn in the rooms is pretty nice too and the staff is very accommodating. This is 1 of the best hotels I have stayed in.

    • GaryInMilwaukee
      GaryInMilwaukee Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice Place..but
      Great place, but the disco music when you're trying to relax in the pool area an 9:00am is just too much. How about having the music start about 5:00 to accomodate us people over 30.

    • Williamtel11
      Williamtel11 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay Jewel Of The Desert
      I was referred to the Blue Moon resort by friends and stayed this past week 7-25-7-29-2010 and Im so glad I did, the accomodations are clean,crisp, tastefully done , The staff are very friendly,down to earth and always a smile and hello to all,always accomodating to the guests and there to help The pool area is great as are steam room ect... . Free breakfast in the morning and hot coffee ready early in am .This is a great place for gay men or gay couple to relax and be themselves, irregardless of background size, shape and such. I have made some good new friends this week and had good rest and fun as well. I highly recommend the Blue Moon for a relaxing and fun getaway.Again many thanks to John and awesome staff at the Blue Moon. you guys are great. Sincerely... Billy from San Antonio Texas

    • Belabot
      Belabot Over a year ago
      Loves it

      sinful and free
      Always have a great time there. Will be back on Monday 4/11